Sarmin Akter, younger children of Jesmin Akter (BHHs ID‐ 587480030008) and Kachon Mia was born on 15 August 2018 with underweight. As a result she had to go with different health problems from her birth. Her mother also always feel tense for this reason. As suggested by neighbor Jemin Akter treated her children by local Kobiraj but Sarmin’s condition did not improve. On March 2018, Jesmin Akter first time came to know that her children was suffering from SAM when she brought her children in GMP session with a huge motivation of frontline staff. Respective Community Mobilizer suggested her to get admission in SAM corner of Moulvibazar Sadar Hospital but she did not agreed in that time. By this time Sarmin’s condition becoming worsen day by day.

However due to continuous counselling and motivation Sarmin’s mother finally agreed and admitted her children on 14 July 2018. After seven day therapeutic treatment Sarmin achieved discharge criteria and released from hospital. It was very hard for Jesmin Begum to treat her children keeping in hospital as her family is very poor and lives on hand to mouth. Besides she has three more young children and there are no person to take care of them properly. However after discharging from hospital Suchana staff followed up the case regularly. Now Sarmin is out of danger. Jesmin Akter in also now happy with her children and her vegetable garden.