Poly Begum, an IGA Goat Beneficiary of SUCHANA project, lives in Alinagar bosti of Alinagar Union in Kamalganj Upazila. She is an active member of Shapla M&C group and regular in group activities as a lactating mother though Poly was unaware of nutrition, health and hygiene issues before being involved with SUCHANA. Even she did not know where health and nutrition related facilities, such as GMP, are provided.

Being involved in SUCHANA, she is now more careful about her child health and nutrition. She is very regular in courtyard session, take ANC and PNC services as per schedule.

She also gives focus on income-generating activities to improve the economic condition of her family. She gets two goats from SUCHANA as IGA support and rearing those as per the learnings she has received from SUCHANA from different training provided in field level. She ensures regular vaccination for her goats. As a result, she produces 10 goats and sold out 2 of them on the occasion of Eid-Ul-Azha and earn 4200 BDT.

Poly begum has a future plan to make a goat farm and invest her earning to improve her family’s economic and nutritional condition. She thinks, every mother who is SUCHANA beneficiary has to convey the learnings from SUCHANA regarding improved health and nutrition to them who is not a member of SUCHANA. She thinks it will surely impact on development and achieve the goal of SUCHANA.

According to Poly, “SUCHANA gives me to make my own pathway for development and its long-time results will help me to improve my child future and make him happy and healthy most importantly.”