Shanta Kar, BHH ID 588063100014, is, an inhabitant of a village named Dakhsin Daspara situated in Rajnagar Sadar Union of Rajnagar Upazila, a housewife and her husband Ajit Kar, a day laborer, is the only earning member of the 6-member family. Sometimes, he fails to manage work and thus faces suffering to manage the daily commodities for his family. On the very beginning of 2019, Shanta has become a beneficiary of SUCHANA project and actively participating in project activities. As she is a member of M&C group she brings her child named Niti to GMP session, a vital nutrition specific activities of SUCHANA project, held regularly on Dakhsin Daspara Community Clinic.

Eventually, when Niti turns 20 months her MUAC and weight was found unexpectedly low. The filed staffs has found her MUAC 11.00 CM and weight only 6 kg which indicates that she is undergoing on the SAM nutritional status. In this critical situation, Shawopn Das, CHCP of Dakhsin Daspara Community Clinic, issued a refer slip so that Niti could get admitted into Rajnagar Upazila Health Complex. After getting admitted on health complex and taking medication and proper caring for one week her weight has been increased by 400 gm. However, Niti gets released from health complex and went home. Right after that, the SUCHANA field staffs of the concerned union persistently paid visit with a view to counseling on regularization of complementary food for Niti so that she can come round soon.

As per the suggestions and instructions provided on household counselling, Niti’s mother has started to feed Niti rigorously by ensuring food diversity. Shanta feeds Niti regularly by the measuring full bowl of 250gm three times a day. On the next GMP the weight of Niti becomes 7.1kg and MUAC becomes 11.2 CM. She was advised to visit upazila health complex once again but she was unable to do that. On the other hand she takes proper care of Nity by the instruction provided by SUCHANA field staffs.

On the next GMP the weight of Niti drops to 6.6kg and MUAC becomes 11 CM. She was advised to visit upazila health complex once again. This time she has gone to the hospital and the doctor there prescribed some medicine. Returning home Niti’s mother take proper care and give the prescribed medication and the SUCHANA team was relentlessly working on Niti’s situation. On the next GMP Niti’s weight becomes 7.10kg and MUAC turns into 11.9 CM. She shows her gratitude to the SUCHANA team by saying that, “Unless I follow the suggestions of SUCHANA staffs, my daughter’s nutritional status will deteriorate even drastically. I thank all of them wholeheartedly.”