Mafroza Akhter, 19-year-adolescent, BHH ID: 583547100449, born in a poor family in Belagoan village under Juri Upazila.  By fighting against odds, she is continuing her study with great zeal. Having passed the secondary level with good result, she is now studying in collage. Poverty sometimes becomes a barrier to her education. But her family borrowed money from relatives so that she can continue her study.

In 2017 Mafroz has become a beneficiary of SUCHANA and become a member of Jonoprio Pustidol. She has been supported by a sewing machine from SUCHANA so that she can contribute to generate the income of her family. She is relentlessly working hard to change her life and emancipate from the vicious poverty cycle.

Being a beneficiary of Suchana has become a life changing event for her and she has no need to look behind. By sewing cloth and income money regularly, she is now able to continue her study with her own income and can support her family to straggle with poverty and ensure nutritious daily food intake.

At present, Mafroja can income 3000-4000 thousand BDT per month which can full-fill her own and her family Nutrition demand. Moreover, she deposits money in her bank account. The saving has become about 14,000 BDT.

Mafroja opined, “If someone tries to change herself, it is very much possible by hard work and diligence. I’m planning to invest my deposit on buying a cow which will be a great step towards escaping from poverty. It will help to fulfill nutritional & financial need of my family.”