Joly Biswas (16) family’s economic condition was not as good as to maintain five members family. Hardly had they availed 3 times meal in a day. Even five years ago her mother had to pass many nights without sleeping during rainy seasons to safe her sleepy children from rain keeping umbrella in her hand. Extreme poverty forced Joly’s elder brother and sister dropping from their school. Her brother bound to involved in child labor to support his family. With a view to get rid from this situation her family borrowed money from an NGO and started business of making and selling bamboo crafts. But they could not make that business profitable due repaying the loan with high rate of interest.

At the beginning of 2017, Joly enrolled as adolescent beneficiary of Suchana along with many other poor and very poor women and adolescent and got a widow of securing comparatively better live. After enrolment as a beneficiary Joly started to attend in regular meeting of their Pushti Dol. As Joly’s household was identified as very poor through wealth ranking process she was selected as IGA beneficiary of Suchana.  Considering her family’s experience she was assigned under bamboo craft IGA. In November 2017 she got 72 bamboos (valued BDT 7500) from project as per her business plan. Within a month they prepared different types of bamboo crafts using 52 bamboo and earned BDT 17,140. It gave first time experience of saving money to her family. She kept 8000 taka for reinvesting in her business, 3000 used to pay loan instalment that they took from an NGO and remaining amount used to get admission in school and meeting the family expenses including purchasing nutritious food. In every week Joly saved BDT 100.00 in her own control.  

Joly’s dream is to be a polish officer and that’s why she vowed to continue her education.