An 18 year old teenager girl. After SSC couldn’t go to college due to poverty. Her old day labor father could hardly maintain the family with his limited income. Poverty always remained this poor family. At a sudden stage the teenage girl started to think herself a burden to her family. This is all about Babli Begum (18), a girl of Kanaitikar village of Prithimasha union of Kulaura upazilla.

The poor parents of Babli got concerned for her. Then Babli decided to work to help her poor family. She went through a training of tailoring from a private organization. Though she got the training, she didn’t have a tailoring machine or had money to buy one. She couldn’t utilize what she learned. Babli used to teach in a pre‐primary school and used to earn to 8 hundred taka monthly. She could barely manage to earn her pocket money. So she was not able to help her poor family. 

In 2017 Babli was selected a beneficiary of “Suchana project”. On behalf of the project she was given training to vegetable production and was then provided some seeds for cultivation. She started cultivating vegetables in the space in front of her house. Then as a part of the procedure of increasing income, she was provided a tailoring machine as per her demand. After she got the machine she started tailoring. That resulted the start of contributing in the family income. Babli earns around 5 thousand taka per month by tailoring in her village. Poverty in her family was eliminated. She saves 2 thousand per month. She mended her house with her income. Now a days she enlarged her tailoring business and bought clothes from her saved money and started selling them. The buyer both buys and tailors cloth from her. She is able to earn a little more this way. 

The money Babli earned in the month of March are accordingly – 10 mexi – Tk. 1200, 5 shirt – Tk. 500, 10 frock – Tk. 600, 12 blouse – Tk. 600, 10 peticode – Tk. 500, 11 salwar‐Kamiz – Tk. 1320, 12 pillow cover – Tk. 240, 8 half pant – Tk. 160, 5 fotua – Tk. 200. Total – Tk. 5320. 

The social status of Babli started to increase due to her self-employment. Babli plants to increase her business even more in the future. In this regard Babli said, “I’m saving to buy to more tailoring machine. “I am going to teach tailoring to unemployed teenage village girls. They will work for me. I want to expand my tailoring business.” 

Elaich Mia, father of Babli said,

“I had to stop Babli for further education due to poverty. I could not provide her food or proper clothing. I was always concerned how to marry her off. But now my daughter got establishment by her own. She is earning and contribution to her family. Now we don’t have poverty in our family”.