In a distant village named Patrikul of Bhunobir Union in Sreemongal a five-member family has been living in destitution as Moin Uddin Mia, a day laborer, husband of Marufa Begum, BHH ID 588319030018, can hardly maintain the basic needs of his family. Moreover the family has been unaware of nutrition and maintaining hygiene as a result their only child Sixteen month old Belal has been undergoing malnutrition and sickness.

Eventually SUCHANA has launched working in Bhunobir and Marufa has been enlisted via wealth ranking as very poor household and supported by IGA-Goat and received vegetables seeds as per seasons. Additionally, she has received training on basic nutrition and improved goat rearing. Marufa has employed her learnings in goat rearing. But it was utter disappointment that she was reluctant to attend GMP sessions regularly. Chumki, SCM of Patrikul, and Kanika, FF of Bhunobir, had worked relentlessly for ensuring attendance in GMP. They have asked the help of GPUK to encourage the family. The GPUK members have worked hard to make the family aware of the consequences of malnutrition. Finally, the family can understand the need of regular attending in GMP session. Right after that, Marufa attended GMP and found her child as SAM and the CC referred the child to Sreemongal Upazila Health Complex. After receiving proper treatment the child get released from hospital. According to the record of GMP session, now the child is in normal condition having a muac measuring 12.6 cm.

Marufa has not only turned her child to normal regarding nutritional status but also compounded her 2 goats supported by SUCHANA into 4 and sold one of them at 3000 BDT and invested the money in land leasing. They are cultivating vegetables following the improved practices in the leased land.

 “I was in complete darkness on how to feed my child and how to take care of him. Even we couldn’t afford nutritional food for poverty. SUCHANA has helped me with both the issues for this reason now I’m leading a happy life.” Said Marufa